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2 Tonne Medium Duty Cargo Strap


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Medium Duty Cargo Straps. 2 Tonne. LC1000daN.

The Webbing has a breaking strain of 3 Tonnes Fully rated to EN 12195-2:2001 35mm wide webbing, and a slightly lighter duty 3 Tonne capacity hook.

The hook is designed so that it can also be used to hook into many tracking systems on the inside walls of rigid box vans and trailers etc.

The Ratchet handle is shorter and smaller than the 4 or 5 Tonne variants – but it is still a fully professional unit with a similar heavy duty construction.


CP83                  Med-duty Cargostrap 4m                       £6.49

CP84                  Med-duty Cargostrap 6m                       £7.77


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