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5 Tonne Heavy Duty CargoStraps


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5 Tonne CargoStraps are made with noticeably thicker Webbing which has a Breaking Strain of 7.5 Tonnes.

5 Tonne CargoStraps are a legal requirement in some European countries, and are therefore popular with International Hauliers.

We also recommend them for general steel haulage when used in conjuction with our Steel Industry approved wear sleeves.


CP85       Heavy duty Cargostrap 4m        £10.19

CP86       Heavy duty Cargostrap 6m        £11.67

CP87       Heavy duty Cargostrap 8m        £13.16

CP88       Heavy duty Cargostrap 10m      £14.65

CP89       Heavy duty Cargostrap 12m      £16.13

CP90       Heavy duty Cargostrap 15m      £17.81


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