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Powered Counterbalanced Crane

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The Pedestrian Controlled Powered Counterbalanced floor crane is an ideal machine to assist in the access of those hard to reach areas where traditional outrigger cranes cannot reach. The crane is a counterbalanced floor crane with added power for handling and transporting heavy loads up to 700kg.

This electric floor crane has a compact 763mm width and powered drive so it can be easily manoeuvred into position on congested sites. Ideal for handling industrial equipment, stacks of building materials and unitized glazing when fitted with a vacuum lifter & has supportive struts on its base and can travel at a speed of up to 2.5km/h with a load.

With a convenient on-board battery charger, the cranes powered boom can move up and down as well as telescoping in and out for precisely lifting loads from the ground up. This floor crane takes the strain out of lifting to a height of 3.3metres and has a maximum reach of 2.3 meters (at 200kg capacity).

Capacity: 700kg (minimum extension)/200kg (maximum extension)

Dimensions: 1670mm (h) x 763mm (w)

Maximum hook height: 3300mm

Maximum reach: 2322mm

Boom type: hydraulic with manual third section

Weight of crane: 650kg

24V/70AH battery

Integral battery charger

Maximum speed with load: 2.5km/h



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