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Shock Absorbing Lanyard


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1,5 m shock-absorbing lanyard –

complete with 1 screwgate karabiner & automatic snap hook, with Teflon finish


• A unique stretchable design

• A safety clip that straps on to the harness to hold the lanyard when not in use

• Special woven shock-absorbing inner core

• Heavy tubular outer jacket.

Unique warning flag which provides visual proof that a lanyard has been involved in a fall and should be removed from service

• Reliable visual inspection: the integral res core becomes visible if the outer jacket is damaged or worn

• The Teflon hi-tech protective finish on the outer tubular jacket prolongs the service life of the lanyard


• Lightweight and easy to use, the elasticated lanyard is ideal for maintenance on cranes or granties

• When contracted the elasticated shock-absorbing lanyard reduces the risk of tripping or snagging

• The unique woven shock-absorbing material reduces fall arrest forces


  EN 355



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