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Towable Salt Spreader



Forklift Towable Salt Spreader

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The forklift towable salt spreader is perfect for towing behind vehicles with standard ball hitch or towing pins. With no electrical or auxiliary valve connection required to the forklift, this mechanically driven salt gritter is simple yet effective to use for all ice gritting applications.

With a large 190 litre capacity hopper and flow control lever, our forklift towable salt spreader will ensure your operations keep moving during the winter months.

An added benefit of our forklift towable salt gritter is that during the summer months, the unit can also be used as seed spreader.

Like all our forklift attachments, this forklift salt gritter comes supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

N.B. For gritting purposes this unit is only suitable for use with dry white rock salt only


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